Self-organising communities are at the heart of the Climate Coaching Alliance. After all, that’s what we are. In addition to our global community of members, we have other communities evolving: Local Communities, Language Communities and Pods (Communities of Interest). We believe that communities of coaches focused on leaning into the vast opportunities and often overwhelming space that the climate and ecological crisis presents will be accelerators for our learning as practitioners, people and a global profession.

Why community? Global change happens at the point of intimate conversations and In Sally Gillespie’s book on Climate Change and Consciousness, she highlights the profound impact of a trusted community to enable us to grow in courage, consciousness and action. Small communities can:

  • Move more nimbly and be ‘freer’ than one large global community and structure things in a way that works for the members.
  • Share resources, co-coach and support reflective practice together to stretch their own growth and systemic practice development.

Finding a community Check out the list below to find details of the co-leads and a contact email address for our existing communities. 

Getting involved We are an open organisation, which means anyone can join any community regardless of place, knowledge or experience. You can participate in as many communities as you want and have time for. If the community and conversation you want to be part of hasn’t been created yet and you’d like to set this up, please email us here. Once approved, we’ve created a Community Launch page to help you bring your community to life!

Where we live matters Place and people create unique possibilities. Complex challenges in a place are best addressed through community in a way that builds ownership, understanding and new shared stories. There are no silver bullets, simple roadmaps or quick fixes. Those involved have to find their way based on local circumstances and the capacity of the community to find a way through.

Our language matters One language is not the same as another. In Robin Wall Kimmerer’s book, Braiding Sweetgrass, she highlights the vast difference between English language and Potawatomi language for example in terms of the embedded ‘aliveness’ or animacy in the language. 

The English language describes a world full of objects, Anishinaabe languages of which Potawatomi is one, describes a world full of beings. All languages are different in the culture, possibility and stories that form them. Being able to have dialogue in native languages and, in diverse languages means different possibilities and learnings emerge that can offer profoundly new perspectives and lenses, stretching what might be.


Local Communities

Local Communities focus on bringing people together in a geographical location or other identifiable region. Many of our local communities are national such as CCA Japan, CCA USA, CCA Canada, but others cross national border such as CCA Africa or CCA Asia. Other communities are much more regionally focused such as CCA Yorkshire, UK or CCA Southern, UK.

Language Communities

Language communities emerged from local communities. For example, we had a CCA France community, and french speaking people in other parts of the world joined in, so it became CCA French community, with participants from Canada, Belgium and elsewhere readily joining in. We now have a handful of language communities forming.

Pods (Communities of Interest)

Our Pods are initiated by you. There are a number that have started to take shape, such as the Political Pod, the Work and Careers Pod, and the Education Pod to name a few. If you don’t see the community or the conversations that you want to be part of, then we would really welcome you to start one. It’s easy, the first step is to email us here.

Join a local, national or global conversation or, if you’ve got something different to say, start your own on the CCA Forum!

Region & Language




Lindy Jabavu, Denis Opio and Musa Nxumalo

This community meets regularly.  Please check the CCA’s Coming Events and register for ongoing sessions so you can be part of this emerging community.

Asia (English)

Rashmi Shetty & Jaya Bhateja

Description Pending

Australia & New Zealand (English)

Tim Collings, Judy McLennan, Lulu Siret, Alan Taylor, Jeanine Bailey.

CCA AUS & NZ (ANZ) is an active group who meet mthly as a ‘Learning Lab’ to help raise awareness, share knowledge/ tools/experience & support.

Canada (English)

CCA-Canada brings together CCA members and engages in networking and co-learning.

Canada: Quebec (French)

Dominique Barbes & Valérie Sanchez.

Climate Coaching Alliance Québec est une communauté ouverte et intergénérationnelle de professionnels de l’accompagnement du changement (coachs, conseillers environnement ou ressources humaines, acteurs climat etc.), sensibles aux défis climatiques. Nous souhaitons apprendre et agir ensemble guidés par 3 principes fondateurs : Compassion – Conscience – Action. Basée sur l’intelligence collective, la bienveillance et la gouvernance participative, notre groupe permet le soutien et la mise en commun de nos réseaux et savoir-faire complémentaires. Vous êtes les bienvenus!

Climate Coaching Alliance Quebec is an open and intergenerational community of change management professionals (coaches, environmental or human resources advisors, climate actors, etc.), sensitive to climate challenges. We wish to learn and act together guided by 3 founding principles: Compassion – Awareness – Action. Based on collective intelligence, benevolence and participatory governance, our group allows the support and sharing of our complementary networks and know- how. You are welcome to join!

Czech & Slovak

Jan Fronek & Martin O’Malley

We bring together Czech and Slovak speaking coaches who care about the topic of climate change, want to orient themselves in it for their coaching practice and look for mutual synergies. We want to meet online once every 2 months, and we will fine-tune the content and focus together.


Andra Morosi & Roselyne Lecuyer

The French-speaking CCA Community gathers coaches who are sensitive to climate emergency and the ecological transition, wishing to learn and act together by co-creating new approaches, practices and tools. We are an open group and operate according to the principles of collective intelligence. Do join us!

La Communauté CCA Francophone réunit des coachs sensibles à l’urgence climatique et la transition écologique, qui souhaitent apprendre et agir ensemble en co-créant de nouvelles approches, pratiques et outils. Nous sommes un groupe ouvert et nous fonctionons selon les principes de l intelligence collective. Rejoignez-nous!


Description Pending


The CCA Greece aims to bring together coaches as well as people with diverse backgrounds based in Greece or elsewhere in the world who speak Greek, are concerned about the causes of climate change and want to have an impact and act in the areas of climate emergency and sustainability.

We meet often to share resources and experiences, create practices and tools, learn, and serve the community and society. Believing in ‘together we can do more’, we welcome individuals who share the same concerns and goals in preserving our home earth.

Το CCA Greece στοχεύει να φέρει κοντά coaches καθώς και άτομα με διαφορετικά υπόβαθρα που διαμένουν στην Ελλάδα ή αλλού στον κόσμο και μιλούν ελληνικά, που ανησυχούν για τα αίτια και τις συνέπειες της κλιματικής αλλαγής, θέλουν να έχουν αντίκτυπο και να δράσουν στους τομείς του κλίματος και της βιωσιμότητας.

Συναντιόμαστε συχνά για να μοιραστούμε πόρους και εμπειρίες, να δημιουργήσουμε πρακτικές και εργαλεία, να μάθουμε και να υπηρετήσουμε την κοινότητα και την κοινωνία. Πιστεύοντας στο «μαζί μπορούμε να κάνουμε περισσότερα», καλωσορίζουμε άτομα που μοιράζονται τις ίδιες ανησυχίες και στόχους για τη διατήρηση και προστασία του φυσικού περιβάλλοντος.


Silvia Tassarotti and Giuliano Tarditi

The CCA Italy gathers coaches and other practitioners who want to have an impact on climate change and sustainability, expanding their role and learning new approaches, practices and tools. We are an open group and operate according to the principles of collective intelligence. Please check CCA’s Coming Events and register for ongoing sessions so you can be part of this emerging community.

Il CCA Italia riunisce coach e altri professionisti che desiderano avere un impatto sui cambiamenti climatici e sulla sostenibilita’ espandendo il proprio ruolo e apprendendo nuovi approcci, pratiche e strumenti. Siamo un gruppo aperto e operiamo secondo i principi dell’intelligenza collettiva. Controlla  i prossimi eventi del CCA  e registrati per le sessioni in corso in modo da poter far parte di questa comunità emergente.


Aya Usui & Tensei Yoshida

Description Pending


Stephan Dahl & Sónia Da Veiga

CCA Portugal brings together coaches in Portugal, working in the areas of climate coaching, ecological transition, sustainability and regeneration.

CCA Portugal une coaches em Portugal, que trabalhem nas áreas de coaching climático, transição ecológica, sustentabilidade e regeneração.


Gosia Henderson & Katarzyna Schubert-Panecka

The Polish-speaking CCA Community provides a space for coaches and other practitioners (coaching psychologists, coaching supervisors, facilitators, trainers and leadership development professionals) who wish to explore their role and expand their practice – in this sense to grow – in addressing climate and ecological emergency through a shared learning a

Polsko-języczna społeczność CCA oferuje przestrzeń coachom i innym specjalistom/specjalistkom (z dziedziny psychologii, terapii, superwizji, facylitacji, treningu oraz rozwoju przywództwa), którzy/które chcą zgłębić znaczenie własnej roli i pogłębić swoją praktykę – w tym sensie rozwijać się – w obszarze kryzysu klimatycznego i ekologicznego poprzez dzielenie się wiedzą i współpracę.


Elsa Valdivielso Martinez

En CCA-hispano creamos un espacio de manera conjunta para empezar a tomar acciones que tengan un impacto positivo en todos nuestros sistemas y, específicamente, en el eco-sistema. ¿Tienes curiosidad? Anímate y ¡únete!


CCA Swiss aims to bring together coaches based or working in Switzerland, interested in creating a community of practice in the areas of climate emergency, ecological transition and sustainability.

Please check CCA’s Coming Events and register so you can contribute to co-create goals and plans for this emerging community.


The Turkish-speaking CCA Community is a self organizing community gathering together coaches who are sensitive to climate emergency and the ecological transition. The coaches who like to learn together wish to encourage to grow awareness and action upon the cause through the coaching profession. We hold events, conversations and workshops according to the main principles & values of CCA and collective intelligence. We meet at zoom monthly. You are more than welcome. Please feel free to join us from anywhere on the globe!

Türkçe konuşan, iklim ve ekolojik dönüşüme duyarlı koç ve koçluk ilintili meslek gruplarının bir araya geldiği İklim Koçluğu Türkçe Topluluğu, kendi kendine organize olan bir topluluktur. Beraber öğrenmekten zevk alan koçlar, koçluk mesleğiyle farkındalığı geliştirme ve harekete geçme konularını desteklemeyi istiyor. Etkinlikler, sohbetler ve atölyelerle CCA ana prensip ve değerlerine bağlı olarak kolektif zeka ile çalışıyoruz. Aylık toplantılarımızı zoom ile yapıyoruz. Dünyanın herhangi bir yerinden bize katılmanızdan memnuniyet duyarız.

UK South (English)

CCA-south-uk is a local community holding conversations and co-coaching to enable us to grow in courage, consciousness and action.

We are a self-organising community, with a core of regular contributors: Michael Stock, Nina Dar, Steve Charter, Carol Foussat, Nick Allen, Lydia Stevens, Jeannie Hodder, and Kim Sargeant. 

UK Yorkshire (English)

Jan Brause & Matthew Sutcliffe

Description Pending

UK South West (English)

Al Kennedy & Jaime Blakeley-Glover

Description Pending

UK Wales (English)

Description Pending

USA  (English)

Anne-Marie Brest and Phil Metzler  

CCA USA is a group of USA-based coaches with diverse backgrounds and who are centrally concerned with the human caused climate breakdown.

We meet monthly to share resources, experiences, provide support and organize events for our membership and the communities we serve. We function as a social and developmental network and are experimenting with a model of emergent and distributed leadership.  Join us! 

Special Interest PODS



Coaching In and With Nature

Anna Brown & Hazel Farrer  

Welcoming all coaches who are experienced or curious about coaching in and with nature. We’d love you to join us to share your ideas and learn from each other’s approaches to harnessing the magical powers of nature in coaching. Whether it be for mindful practice, recovery from burnout, expanding clients’ system and systemic awareness or opening up perspectives through nature, it has the potential to support reconnection with self, community and planet.

Deep Adaptation Pod

This “Deep Adaptation” support pod will consider our and our clients’ emotions, thoughts, resilience and spiritual journey under the shadow of near-term social and environmental systems collapse as outlined in the Deep Adaptation paper by Dr. Jem Bendell.”

Healing Trauma Through Coaching Pod

Betsy Thomas & Laura Wesley

The Healing Trauma through Coaching Pod is an English-language online group that meets quarterly to share information, tools and strategies that can empower clients to be part of climate solutions by applying trauma-informed principles in coaching. 

Watch the free video of the Trauma-Informed Coaching workshop on the CCA website.

Join our group on LinkedIn (

Political Pod

The Political Pod meets on the first Thursday of every month. It’s open to anyone who is interested in promoting sustainable climate-aware coaching in the public arena. 
This includes working with politicians, influencers, activists and concerned citizens. 
We conduct stimulating presentations and discussions that challenge our thinking and strengthen our capacity and resolve to shift the mindsets of those in power.  
Please email us if you would like to be on the mailing list.

Work and Careers

The CCA Work and Careers Pod meets monthly via Zoom and communicates more generally in the #pod-work-and-careers channel on the CCA Slack.

Mission: To empower and facilitate the transition process for individuals and businesses to realize an equitable system change toward sustainability and a green economy.

Vision: A world where work and business are part of the solution to climate change

Young People  and Education Pod

A working group for all those interested in working with children and young people regarding the climate challenge.

We’re a group of educators and coaches curious about using a coaching approach to work with young people to help them address the climate challenge. Whatever your background or experience you would be very welcome to join us. Together we have already started on our journey to create a ‘guidebook’ for those working with young people and are now exploring resources, tools and case studies that can further support coaches and educators.

Our monthly meetings are usually on the 3rd Monday of the month alternating between 9am and 7pm GMT. Just get in contact to find out more.