One Year Political Pod!

The Political Pod started in December 2020. Over the course of one year

v We have held 13 monthly meetings, attended by 10 – 25 members on each occasion.
v our newsletter is now regularly going to over 60 members and interest is growing.
v We have listened to five incredibly inspiring guest speakers
v And followed with times to share and support each other; discuss their messages and Transform our Actions.
v Paula and Karen facilitated not one – but TWO six-week Sprints! At the end of which they had created a fantastic model for generating action – greatly praised by the Sprinters in our last meeting.
v A small group of us wrote the About CCA Coaches section that is now on the website; adding definition to what it means to be a CCA-aligned coach.
v Many members are now connecting outside of the Pod to give talks, take further political action, and create courses.

In a recent survey of Political Pod members, and at our last meeting, there were strong messages about the vital role that our group discussions play in holding each other with hope and motivating further action in our local communities. Here are a few of the members’ comments :

· I absolutely enjoyed being part of a group of people who want to make a difference and who can bear difference.
· The people and the generosity
· Dialogue, connection and mass actualisation
· What was and is special for me, is the openness in the exchange – which cannot be taken for granted even in other professional peer-groups I am in..
· It broadened my perspective for issues I was unaware of, and it gave me strength to continue my own path.
· Getting a better understanding of the constraints politicians face and considering what alternatives to our current flawed system might best bring about movement.
· being part of a community of people working on changing themselves and the world
· A space to think about my role within environmental change.
· The real value of dialogue, using our coaching skills Community of collaborators sharing ideas, and the support of colleagues; you’re not alone.
· …the interconnectedness of climate, biodiversity, social justice and more. I gained more clarity and confidence in bringing this into dialogues.
· Perhaps what is happening beneath the surface, off the ‘stage’ (rather than on it) is more important than ‘Big Ticket’ change. Change is always happening; the shift is happening, perhaps more quickly than the speed of what is happening ‘on the stage’…
· Wonderful space to reflect in this forum. Personal stimulation, engagement, special way of feeling our way through support. Politics is entry point, but this pod goes far deeper.
· One learning is about re-assessing what achievement means to me and trusting where my curiosity and energy takes me.
· Through the Sprint process I learned that it’s really important to find a personal connection to these large issues (rather than stay in the abstract place of ‘thinking about them’). When we find our personal connection and passion, we can move from thinking and talking to doing.

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