How to measure impact?

I was asked: How can we help organisations to measure environmental impact? Organisations that want to measure their social and environment impact will need to understand how to measure and the tools to use.

We met to brainstorm ideas and then played back our progress to like-minded coaches and OD practitioners at The Forest Floor organised by Katherine Long. The annotated slide attached includes contributions from attendees.

This is a work in progress between Maureen Ghirelli and Laura Re Turner

There are many original sources used here which are not my own. All are included in a course authored by Laura Re Turner, Systemic Agile Coaching, accredited by ICAgile.

Seed posted by Laura Re Turner

Reviewers notes: The diagram provides a useful scaffolding and points to the complexity of the landscape, as well some big pieces of the jigsaw that we might explore and become informed about as part of our work as coaches. The starting point, the inputs, is a really great foot hold for coaches and coaching.

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