Nature and Earth Connected Coaching

Resource from: Tabitha Jayne, Founder, Earthself Ltd

I found this an incredibly grounding set of slides. The premise of greater earth connection builds a pathway I can follow and invite my clients onto.

The premise is that the stronger the earth connection, the greater our:

  • Conscious relationship recognising the interconnectedness of earth’s ecosystem
  • Awareness of the need to support earth as earth supports humanity
  • Connection to a divine cycle of life
  • Clarity and sense of who we are.

There are simple ways of generating earth connection experiences, each one is valid and impactful.  The most concrete nature connection I create with my clients are nature walks and coaching outside. I realise that I often use metaphor and mental imagery to evoke trees, gardens, and the application of living systems leadership principles. I am wondering how I might make these experiences more concrete.

The NatureConnected Framework (Slide 9) is a great practice reflection tool. I use it to rate myself and my conversations on a daily basis, asking: What earth connection am I / have I facilitated for myself and my clients today?
What impact has it had on me, on my client?

A stretch for me would be to take this NatureConnected Framework tool and use it with my clients. I have no idea of how I or whether I could do that.

Reviewed by Alison Whybrow


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