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Welcome to the CCA Forum

Take the time to connect with other CCA members and share information and opportunities.

Like the CCA, this Forum is maintained by volunteers who care deeply about what we do. Therefore, we simply ask that you show respect, support and patience when posting and exchanging thoughts and ideas on this platform.

That’s all we should need to ask. However, given the world in which we live, we’re aware we need to have in place appropriate Rules that underpin our Code of Conduct. 

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This set of Rules governs your participation in and use of the Forum. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate participation in the Forum for anyone who violates these Rules.

  1. The CCA has made the Forum available to participants for the purpose of providing a platform for the discussion of issues important to our members.
  2. The CCA provides the Forum for educational and informational purposes only. The CCA is not rendering advice and Forum participants must rely solely on their own judgment with respect to all issues discussed. The CCA does not approve or endorse any specific practices that may be mentioned on the Forum. The CCA makes no representations or warranties regarding the experience, qualifications or information provided by Forum participants or otherwise provided using the Community.
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  6. Users should exercise both common sense and courtesy in the messages they post on the Forum and may not use the Forum to transmit defamatory, obscene, and otherwise offensive communications.
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  10. Users are prohibited from using the Forum for any purpose that may be illegal. For example, the Forum may not be used to solicit or disseminate information having to do with, or to conduct any activity relating to, illegal drugs, pornography, gambling, spreading computer viruses, software infringement, trafficking in credit card codes, price-fixing, illegal boycotts, or other crimes.
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The views expressed in the Forum are those of the individual contributors. They do not and should not be construed as representing the views of the CCA. The CCA makes no warranty, guarantee, or representation as to the accuracy or sufficiency of the information posted on the Forum, whether posted by the CCA or any third party, and the CCA assumes no responsibility or liability regarding the use or misuse of such information for any purpose. The CCA disclaims any responsibility to maintain copies of any information posted on the Forum or to assure that such information is deleted.

Unless specifically stated otherwise, the CCA does not endorse, approve, recommend, or certify any information, advice, guidance, product, process, service or organization presented or mentioned on the Forum, and information from the Forum should not be referenced in any way to imply such approval or endorsement.


The Rules include a legally binding release, waiver, discharge, and covenant not to sue (collectively, Release), made voluntarily by you, on your own behalf, and on behalf of your heirs, executors, administrators, legal representatives, and assigns (collectively, Releasor or you) to the CCA.

As the Releasor, you fully recognize that the CCA does not require you to participate in or utilize the Forum. With informed consent, and for valuable consideration received, including access to the Forum, as the Releasor, you agree to assume and take on yourself all risks and responsibilities in any way arising from or associated with the Forum and any materials, information, guidance, or advice contained or posted on or to the Forum, and you release the CCA and its affiliates, members, committees, board, officers, directors, legal representatives, employees, agents, administrators, assigns, and contractors (collectively, Releasees), from any and all claims, demands, suits, judgments, damages, actions, and liabilities of every name and nature whatsoever, whenever occurring, whether known or unknown, contingent or fixed, at law or in equity, that you may suffer at any time arising from or in connection with the Forum, your acts or omissions, or information you transmit in connection with your participation in an use of the Forum, and the materials, information, guidance, or advice contained on the Forum, including any injury or harm to others (collectively, Liabilities), and you agree to defend, indemnify, and hold Releasees harmless from and against any and all Liabilities.

As the Releasor, you recognize that this Release means that you are giving up, among other things, all rights to sue Releasees for injuries, damages, or losses that you may incur. You also understand that this Release binds your heirs, executors, administrators, legal representatives, and assigns, as well as yourself.

The CCA reserves the right to modify or change the terms of these Rules as it determines from time to time in the best interests of the CCA, provided that all Forum users are notified prior to any such change. Use of the Forum constitutes the user’s continuing agreement to be bound by these Rules, as amended from time to time.

Acceptance of Rules
By joining the Forum, you
(i) represent and warrant that you have read these Rules, including, without limitation the terms of the Release set forth above;
(ii) fully understand the terms of these Rules (including, without limitation, the Release included herein); and
(iii) agree to be legally bound by the terms of these Rules.

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