As the Climate Coaching Alliance grows we are collaborating to support each other, building a global community of coaches enabled to process, act and support our clients to do the same in the face of emerging unprecedented events. As a matter of principle, our events are free. We are able to do this due to the goodwill and support of leading coach bodies and practitioners all over the world.

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As many coaches, facilitators, and coach supervisors retreat to home offices as individual contributions to flattening the curve, we wondered what could be learned from our colleagues who have been at the frontline of the responses to Covid-19. We contacted five respected coaches, who faced the changes first, to invite them to share the lessons that they have learned. Most of all, they wanted to share their reflections on leaning into our individual and collective sense of being.

We invite you, from around the world, to join us on Zoom for 60 minutes as we explore answers to questions including:

* How did you cope with the coronavirus?

* What changes have you needed to make?
* What were th
e greatest challenges personally and professionally?

* What have been the take aways/your learning from the virus and its impact? If there is a silver lining (positives) from this, what are they?

It is hosted by Josie McLean and we will hear from 5 coaches sharing their experiences: Vimala Suppiah, Julie Zhang, Deana Peng, Sabrina Park and Travis Green with perspectives from Malaysia, China, Japan, South Korea and Thailand. 

As always, there will be time for you to talk with your colleagues to share and develop your own ideas about how you have and might respond. Zoom in on


24-hour conversation successfully held on March 5th 2020 on coaching and climate change every hour from New Zealand to Hawaii

Wherever you live in the world, if you have a free hour between midnight and midnight UTC on Thursday 5th March then join in an exciting, challenging, engaging, collaborative conversation with other global coaches.  The topic: Coaching and the Climate and Ecological Emergency.  The exact contents will depend on your hosts and you but what you can expect is a wonderful connection with fellow coaches across the world, and an opportunity to discuss strategies and practices that will allow us and our clients to step into the necessary leadership role in the face of the crisis.  It’ll also be a chance to resource ourselves and create spaces to process how we are feeling.  This 24 hour marathon, run by the Climate Coaching Alliance ( as part of the Climate Coaching Action Day spearheaded by Coaching at Work magazine, allows you to dial in at a time convenient to you.

We have 48 hosts – representing every time zone in the world – and the calls will start on the hour every hour, with the first in New Zealand at 1300 local time.  If you would like a local host, then you can dial in at 1300 in your area; this is the ZOOM link: .  But please do join any time that suits you.  If the actual time is 6pm Thursday in Australia then you would be joining a call hosted in Kuala Lumpur and Shanghai, how exciting!!  If you are an early bird in New York then join your 0800 call (1300 UK) and you’ll be hosted by the UK (Peter Hawkins and Zoe Cohen). Or if you are more of an owl in Africa or Europe or an early bird in the Far East on the following day, then join the evening calls hosted by coaches across America (including Janet Harvey and David Drake).

Please get the date in the diary and join in the excitement!  The Zoom link again: .  We look forward to the conversations too.  Eve Turner, Alison Whybrow and Josie McLean, co-founders of the Climate Coaching Alliance.


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