Political Pod

The CCA Political Pod is a group of climate-aware coaches who aim to support politicians and leaders, whether at an international, national or local level, to share collective visions and work with concerned voters.

We believe that most people, including politicians, care about the climate crisis and want to act, though it isn’t easy.

We support policymakers to sort their thoughts, clarify their strategies and shift their emphasis in a way which includes not just today’s voters but future generations. It can help our clients re-vision preferred futures, shape messages and develop sustainable strategies.

The Political Pod, like the CCA, has a truly global and growing membership which is able to draw on different visions and world views, as well as languages and cultural nuances.

The Political Pod Playbook is our ongoing project to support coaches and other related professions deliver impact at scale.
Working with Southampton University, we hope it will be a gold standard to support coaches, teachers, therapists, leaders, politicians and all others engaged in global systemic change.

It will offer a Why, What & How’ of coaching for climate change which is thoroughly researched and validated.

Watch this space for updates!

Spring University

The CCA FR community met on the weekend of 22 to 24 March 2024 in a sublime place, resonating with our regenerative journey: Le Bouchot, in Sologne. Anne and JP

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A dialogue led by Muriel Huet 

[View the video here]______________________ 🌍Ruissellement, une démarche collective pour exprimer notre #engagement à travers un dialogue avec le #vivant. 🍂 Notre collectif Climate Coaching Alliance rassemble des coachs sensibles et engagés, des hommes

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A dialogue led by Fabienne Simon-Witt

🌍Ruissellement, une démarche collective des coachs membres de la Climate Coaching Alliance Francophone pour exprimer notre #engagement à travers un dialogue avec le #vivant. 🍂 Ensemble, nous questionnons notre métier et nous prenons appui sur

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