Seasonal Heartbeats

Welcome to a transformative evolution in the way we celebrate and engage with our global community.
As part of CCA’s ongoing commitment to fostering connection, collaboration, and compassion in the realm of climate action, we’re introducing Seasonal Heartbeats – a dynamic series of events that resonate with the rhythm of nature’s cycles throughout the year.

Seasonal Heartbeats comprises four distinct energy pulses, each synchronised with the changing seasons. This evolution enables us to consistently engage with our mission, fostering a stronger sense of community and purpose.

Four Energy Pulses, Four Seasons
Each energy pulse aligned with the natural world’s ebb and flow.

Before Seasonal Heartbeats…

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2. Community Festival - March 2024

Community Festival

March 2024

As the equinox marks a moment of balance and equality, March brings the Community Festival.

Centered around the theme of Community, this pulse aims to strengthen and leverage our global community’s collective knowledge, wisdom, energy, and enthusiasm. We will provide a space for sharing ideas, tools, and approaches, empowering climate coaches to accelerate climate action worldwide. 

Expect engaging keynotes featuring indigenous leaders, thought pioneers, and activists. Furthermore, this season will showcase the activities and actions of our diverse communities and pods, emphasizing inclusion and diversity. It also sees the launch of the CCA Book Circles initiative.

3. Collaboration Conversations - June 2024

Collaboration Conversations

June 2024

Our Collaboration Conversations start in June, aligning once again with the next solstice.

This season spotlights Collaboration and Partnerships in Action. It’s a testament to the power of collaboration and the impact of cross-pollination. Through coaching projects, research findings, and successful showcases, we’ll delve into the heart of effective partnerships. 

The initial events, running from June 3rd, will provide a platform to explore tools, share success stories, and learn from one another’s experiences.

4. Compassion Retreat - September 2024

Compassion Retreat

September 2024

As the year starts to wind down, the Compassion Retreat season emerges as a reflective retreat space linking with the equinox.

Scheduled for September and October, this season is all about Compassion and Reflection. During this retreat time, we step back from the storms of our endeavors, creating space for introspection and conversations. We’ll review successes and challenges, identifying what’s working and what needs adjustment. 

This breathing space will serve as a nourishing pause, allowing us to plant seeds of intention for the year to come. Whether held online or in-person, this retreat opportunity can be a transformative experience.

1. Connection Celebration - November 2023

Connection Celebration

November 2023

In November 2023, we kicked off this vibrant journey with the Connection Celebration, aligning with the coming solstice and a time of rebirth.

Our focus for this season was about Connection and Communication. During the initial pivotal days (19th-22nd November), we introduced the entire concept of the CCA Seasonal Heartbeats, marking the beginning of an exciting journey. Members engaged in keynotes, CCA Community events, and interactions hosted by our Community Pods and Members. 

This was the ideal platform to unveil new initiatives, including our innovative Forum, designed to foster Global Conversations within our community. Additionally, this season commemorated CCA’s 4th Anniversary with a celebration centered around Living Systems in Action.

Before Seasonal Heartbeats…

Check out programs and information related to the festivals and other global events we’ve delivered since 2020.


We are delighted to acknowledge and thank our partners in promoting the Seasonal Heartbeats Program