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June, 2024

Why The Week?

We’re launching The Week as part of our next Seasonal Heartbeat – Collaboration Conversations (June to August), as an opportunity to foster collaborative conversations and spur collective action among our Climate Coaching Alliance members.

The CCA is delighted to be collaborating in partnership with The Week, a nonprofit project co-founded by Frédéric Laloux, former business consultant and author of “Reinventing Organizations- A Guide to Creating Organizations” and his wife Hélène Gérin, author and grief specialist.

The project was born out of their realization that facing climate breakdown is likely to become the defining adventure for humanity in the next ten to twenty years. The Week is for all of us who want to know how this will affect us, in the next 10, 20 or 30 years and what we can do about it.

The Week with CCA will be held the first week of June 2024 (June 3rd to 9th) as many separate events, hosted by CCA engaged coaches all around the world, in different time zones, languages, online or in person and will culminate with a worldwide celebration gathering on June 10th with participation of The Week co-founders, Hélène Gérin and Frédéric Laloux.

what is The Week?

The Week is a powerful group experience that creates space for people to have brave conversations about the climate emergency, and what can be done about it right now.

This happens over the course of a week, where you’ll meet with a group of CCA members to share three short documentaries and guided discussions. The experience will show you how you can take action concretely – at home, at work, with your clients, in your community – to replace paralysis and despair by inspiring hope and joy.

The Week is run as three conversational group gatherings of 90 minutes each, taking place over the span of a week (7 days, but not necessarily three consecutive days, during the first week of June 2024):

Day 1 – The Descent
Day 2 – The Reckoning
Day 3 – The Adventure

Each gathering includes convening a small group of people to watch a documentary film episode (60 minutes), and to guide participants in sense-making conversations (30 minutes) to really grapple with the reality and emotions brought on by the climate emergency.

Currently there are English and French versions of The Week. The English version of the films also has Dutch, German, Spanish, Polish, Danish, Portuguese, Italian and Swedish subtitles, as well as English for the hearing impaired.

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Our partnership with The Week allows us to run their group experience at no cost to our community (donations welcome) and for each of us, as climate coach, to gain experience in The Week, should we decide to offer it later on, at a cost, to our respective clients and communities.

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first - on the Week website

The Week website has step by step instructions for you to follow and makes it really easy to host The Week. We recommend you familiarise yourself with their website, create a login and follow their prompts:

  • when asked “Will you be organizing The Week at work?”, select “Yes”.

  • when prompted “Are you a coach or consultant?”, select “No”. (If you select “Yes”, you will be asked to pay a fee).

  • for “Find your organization”: enter “Climate Coaching Alliance” and select that option. Select “Continue”.

  • when asked to “Give this group a name”, feel free to enter what makes sense for you, but please remember the name you enter so you can use it again when creating an event on our CCA events page. You may use your name as a host or your pod name or the time zone or language or a flower or animal. It’s up to you.

  • once your group has been created, you will be provided with the option to “invite” participants. You may choose to use that feature after you have posted your event on the CCA website and have accepted registrants, but it’s not necessary.

  • You’ll receive a confirmation email from The Week with instructions. But, don’t forget to also create your event on our CCA website. See the instructions listed in the next column.

then - on the cca website

Once you’ve selected the days and times for each of your three sessions (90 minutes each, any 3 dates between June 3-9), please create an event on the CCA event page so others can join you. You will be creating one single event with the same name as the one used on The Week website. Please choose The Week as an event type.

If you’re running this event online, create a zoom registration that includes all three dates (not three separate events) that will collect the emails of your participants. Click here for detailed Zoom Support information.

It’s a good idea to include all details (host name, dates and times, online or in person, zoom registration, and language) in the description of your event so participants can choose appropriately. It’s especially useful to specify the times and dates of the gatherings in your time zone as a host.

[NOTE: When you post your event, you’ll be asked for an image to be used as a header. However, you can leave this blank as we’ve created a template that we’ll apply to each of The Week events.]

As a guide, click here to see an example of an event created by a CCA-USA member last year.

how to join the Week

If you’re not able to create your own The Week event, then join and participate in an event that suits your schedule, time zone, and language.
You’ll find these listed below or on our Coming Events page.


On June 10th 2024, we’ll get together as a collective, on Zoom, with Frédéric Laloux and Hélène Gérin to share our experience and imagine ways in which we can all further use The Week with clients, friends and family.

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