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We are happy to include external events, provided they meet three basic criteria:
1. The event must be free to attend
2. The event must be self-contained (it’s not a teaser session or promotion etc.)
3.  There is no follow-up required – either free or paid*

We’ll be encouraging members to view listings via our monthly newsletter, and you can also promote your event in our LinkedIn and Facebook pages – and more broadly as you desire. Please encourage people attending your event to consider joining CCA at our website.

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* Maintaining the integrity of the CCA is very important to us and, as such, we fully support and comply with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation and similar legislation operating around the world, particularly in terms of the privacy of those who interact on our platform.  Your event will be promoted in good faith and on the clear understanding that you will not use any information you collect from participants at your events (including those who register but do not attend) for the purposes of follow-up or other marketing unless you have first obtained that person’s express permission to do so. Unsolicited communications of any sort may be reported to the appropriate regulatory bodies.

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The Eco-Phase Cycle

We work with the Eco-Phase Cycle, which is based on Dr Peter Hawkins’ model from eco-curious to eco-active. We encourage coaches to identify their own place in this cycle and ask them what phase their coaching sessions help their clients explore.