Coaching In and With Nature

If you are experienced or simply curious about nature coaching, and its relationship with climate consciousness, we’d love you to join us, share your ideas and learn from each other’s approaches to harnessing the magical powers of nature in coaching.

We examine our curiosities and hopes, explore themes of interest such as awareness, wellbeing, systems and nature principles, nature coaching and perspectives for climate coaching, share resources and discuss how to communicate and co-create with nature in addressing the climate crisis.


The Coaching In and With Nature pod
adheres to the following principles:

  • Mycelium relationships – All beings are interconnected and have a place with symbiotic relationships
  • Living systems – there are no financial aim or hierarchy
  • Celebrating diversity – we treat each other with dignity, respect, Inclusivity and an understanding of differences
  • Reciprocity – we give and receive to and from nature and are receptive to co creation with nature and nature’s voice


Values in how we work:

  • Reconnection with nature and as a community
  • Planting seeds of thouight, practice and connection
  • Enriching and nourishing the soil of nature coaching as a field
  • Allowing things to emerge in their own time
  • Honouring seasonal rhythms and flow
  • Celebrating moments of wonder
  • Taking positive action – small steps, making a difference
  • Recognising boundaries


Some of the topics we’re exploring:

  • Mindfulness and wellbeing
  • Systems and nature principles
  • Nature coaching and different approaches
  • Perspectives for climate coaching
  • Sharing resources/connecting to like-minded people


2024 Calendar of Events:

July (NPP) “Fungi – master Coach and collaborator”
September (NPP) – Compassion coaching in nature
October (NPP)“permaculture for nature coaching panel”
November (NPG) Gathering
December – Winter Solstice Celebration

NPP = Nature Pod Perspectives
NPG = Nature Pod Gatherings

How We Communicate:  CCA Forum, email newsletters, Zoom events and gatherings, LinkedIn, Facebook

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