Council of All Beings : An Experiential Workshop (part of the Work that Reconnects)

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Council of All Beings : An Experiential Workshop (part of the Work that Reconnects)

Council of All Beings : An Experiential Workshop (part of the Work that Reconnects)

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Created by Joanna Macy and John Seed, the Council of All Beings  is a communal ritual in which participants step aside from their human identity and speak on behalf of another life-form. In council, the non-human beings come together to discuss the dangers and challenges facing them in these times. A Council of All Beings is a powerful way to nurture the ecological self, encourage solidarity with all life, and bring fresh awareness of the damage inflicted upon the non-human world. Stepping into a liminal space, participants are able to shed their egos and day-to-day identities and start to see things through new eyes.

The Council is normally part of a Work that Reconnects retreat or workshop, although it can also be held in its own right. We invite you to join us with your imagination, an open heart, and an open mind to see what unfolds.

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Gwyneth Jones ( works to heal the multiple disconnects that have been normalised as part of our world - within ourselves, between humans, and between humans and nature. Coming from a Psychology background, Gwyneth worked for a while in the Happiness at Work space before realising that something drastic needs to change if humanity is to survive the coming decades. Alongside her training with Six Seconds (the Emotional Intelligence Network), Gwyneth became a facilitator of Joanna Macy's Work That Reconnects, a powerful tool for resourcing and refuelling our sense of purpose, connection and soul for the times that we live in. Gwyneth offers emotional support and space-holding for those who want to express and process their fear, despair, guilt, and anger around the climate crisis, and helps people tap into their inner wisdom so that they can take on their role in the Great Turning - helping you to answer that tired old question "what's mine to do?"

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Spare Field - Not in use - Linda Aspey is a coach, facilitator, therapist & speaker working on culture, leadership, climate change and environment with progressive leaders, teams and coaches, supporting them in facing the challenges that a changing world brings. She helps people to generate new thinking and insight, build stronger relationships, and grow in courage to take action, in highly collaborative ways. An alumna of the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, Linda is also a trained facilitator in "The Work that Reconnects" (aka "Active Hope") and delivers workshops and keynotes on understanding our responses to climate change, climate coaching & change leadership. Her systemic framework, “With the Earth in Mind” - for facilitating conversations about our relationship with the wider world - is now being used in several countries around the world.

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Mar 7, 2022 @ 10:00 AM (UTC) to
Mar 7, 2022 @ 12:00 PM (UTC)


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