How To Get Started With The Climate Coaching Alliance

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How To Get Started With The Climate Coaching Alliance

How To Get Started With The Climate Coaching Alliance

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How To Get Started With The Climate Coaching Alliance: What’s Mine To Do? A discussion among many, new members and old. Questions we’ll address: How can I contribute to the CCA & what will I get out of it & how will the world be better as a result; How is climate coaching relevant to my work; How can I incorporate climate coaching into my practice; How can I learn climate coaching skills; What can I do to promote issues around climate and biodiversity and nature, personally and professionally; What can we do to create a nature-connected, regenerative, loving world; What about the science & politics; How can I find a TRIBE of like minds to network, share, and be vulnerable.

Here is our proposed structure for the conversation;

Climate Coaching Alliance session

Where do I begin? New members and old hands discuss the challenges of getting started and navigating this complex space.

Suggested structure for our conversation:

  • 4 new members each take turns to talk for five minutes only briefly outlining the following:
    • How I came to join the CCA
    • What I think might be ‘mine to do’
    • What my hopes and fears are for my work in this space (not hopes and fears for the planet)
    • My key question right now
  • Three or four experienced members give some advice based on their own experience
  • This could be done in one of two ways:
    • One at a time – one new member speaks and the old hands address that person’s questions and concerns. This would mean there would be 15 minutes focused on each new member
    • Finding common themes – we could find out what each new person was going to say beforehand and find any common themes. All the new members would speak, taking the first 20 minutes of the session, then someone would identify the common themes and the old hands would give advice from their experience.
  • An example – answering those questions, I might say:
    • How I came to join the CCA – I come from a coaching background, I’m a business psychologist who coaches leaders. I’ve just turned 60 and that milestone has got me thinking about my legacy and how I use my skills in the last decade of my working life.
    • What I think might be ‘mine to do’ – I’ve always seen myself bridging the gap between the mainstream business world and more alternative perspectives. I would like to be able to help leaders think about ‘what is theirs to do’ in a language that is not alienating
    • What my hopes and fears are for my work in this space – I hope to contribute to normalising conversations about climate and moving businesses away from a bottom line only fixation. I worry that I won’t be sufficiently committed, that I’ll have to become a different person, one that I don’t necessarily want to be, that I’ll need to learn a whole new language (deep time, liminal spaces…), that I’ll need to know much more about climate science than I currently do
    • My key question right now – how do I start to bring this into conversations with clients when it’s not on their agenda as leaders?

CCA Purpose:

Transforming our practice – We bring together coaches, coaching psychologists, coaching supervisors, facilitators and other leadership professionals sharing resources, exploring practice, and hold dialogue in order to create the capacity to play its part in meeting the climate and ecological emergency.
Transforming our impact – By developing our practice we provide clients (individuals, leaders and their teams) with the agency to step into our necessary leadership role as we engage more fully with the climate and ecological emergency.
Transforming the profession – We intend to inspire and enable the global coaching and related professions to expand their awareness and influence in service to making progress on the wicked problems that are the climate and ecological emergency.

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As a Business Psychologist, Caroline is fascinated by looking at Climate Crisis in the context of work. Other new members, yet to be determined definitively, will join in, along with some longer term members, to faciliate this lively discussion

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Mar 3, 2022 @ 02:00 PM (BST) to
Mar 3, 2022 @ 03:00 PM (BST)


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