CCA Political Pod – PEER COACHING: Expanding coaching skills together

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CCA Political Pod – PEER COACHING: Expanding coaching skills together

CCA Political Pod – PEER COACHING: Expanding coaching skills together

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Where coaching skills generate better futures. 

Bring your own issues for Peer Coaching

·             Do you have a climate-related issue you want help with?

·             Have you identified policymakers and leaders who are responding well to climate and biodiversity issues?

·             Can we coach you to help leaders use their power for greater environmental harmony?

This session provides peer-coaching opportunities to help you stretch beyond your current thinking about your issues.

Climate-aware coaches endeavour to support politicians to share collective visions and work with concerned voters. They believe that most people including politicians care about the climate and ecological transformation and want to act though it is not easy. We can support policymakers to sort their thoughts, clarify their strategies and shift their emphasis. Our coaching can help them focus on what is crucial and how to handle the complex situations in a way, which includes today’s and future generations. It can help our clients re-vision preferred futures, shape messages and develop sustainable strategies.

Two coaches have 30 mins each to be coached


We already have Deborah Maarek  ready to put forward her challenge– “I am a ESG Cultural Transformation Catalyst. I offer ESG Regenerative Leadership programs that combine our re-connection to nature, our ability to listen to our inner world, take participatory decision using our Heart, Mind, Body and spiritual intelligence”.


What is Deborah’s challenge?

How to make coaching irresistible for our ecological transformation?

How to express myself in an appropriate way to attract the people that  are able to change the power dynamic?

How to name the challenge to develop our spiritual intelligence to be able to reconnect to the Evolutionary Pulse? 


One more slot is open. If you would like to take it up, write a few sentences about your challenge and overarching question  and send to Lydia Steven: by Tuesday 6th February


Whether or not you have a current issue, come along and be part of these dynamic coaching opportunities to stay one step ahead. We are all there to share and challenge with empathy. This session is not being recorded for confidentiality. However our joint lessons from this process and any key take aways can be shared as well as the coaching questions asked and any resources to feed into our next newsletter.


Peer-coaches will be those who attend the meeting. In general the Political Pod is attended by experienced and empathetic coaches all of whom care deeply about the state of our planet and are aware of the power dynamics at play locally and globally.


The Political Pod  has a truly global membership which is therefore able to draw on different visions and world views (as well as languages and cultural nuances).

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