A Conversation About Leadership Inspired by Nature

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A Conversation About Leadership Inspired by Nature

A Conversation About Leadership Inspired by Nature

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Session Title:

A Conversation About Leadership Inspired by Nature.

What are we exploring:

Which skills and know-how can leaders learn from nature?

What does nature teach us about resilience, intuition, and leadership?

What Part of the Eco-Phase Cycle do we Touch?


How will we do this?

By seeing ourselves as equal and one with nature, we acknowledge the inherent value that it brings to the world. We also show the respect that we have for the space we occupy and the gifts we receive from the natural world. Through this lens, we expand our ability to perceive, learn, co-create and collaborate with nature.

Event Format

60-Minutes Conversation About Leadership Lessons from Nature

This will be a collaborative conversation where you will share the questions that are burning for you around this topic, and we will collectively explore the depth of the collective intelligence of the group to bring forth an even greater awareness together.

Event Description

With so much uncertainty and complexity in the world, leaders play a unique role in setting the stage for how we will show up for ourselves and our environment in the future. Leaders bring clarity and guidance to their communities and network – and have the opportunity to showcase the impact of being in connection and communication with the environment.

How can leaders support their communities to see this more clearly?

In this event we would like to invite you to bring the most important questions that are present for you regarding how we, as leaders, can best learn lessons from nature.

We would like to honor each other’s inner wisdom and our collective consciousness by bringing awareness and clarity to the matters that are present for us and lay before us.

We provide a safe space where you can connect with your peers and the higher awareness and witness together the exploration and unfolding of your heart question.

Answers to our questions are given by the higher collective intelligence that will become possible when we connect.

Your participation in this experience may benefit you in bringing the clarity you seek and may motivate the spark to take a simple step forward, from the impossible to the possible.

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Event Timezone Reference - Germany

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Lilly Vakili Over more than two decades in her career and coaching, what Lilly has found to be the easiest, most effective way to create transformation is to connect back to her deepest values and live with authenticity and integrity. So that’s what she would like to share with you. She has lots of resources to help you discover who you truly are and what’s really possible in your ONE life. Lilly helps leaders and entrepreneurs tap into their rich potential – an authentic sense of power and interpersonal wisdom - to increase their clarity, insight, and focus on transforming their lives and their organizations. In addition to coaching, in partnership with other strong leaders, holistic health activities, and disruptive innovators, Lilly has co-created and led multiple initiatives to address social issues such as race and gender inequality, mental health, and climate change.    

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Posted By - Lilly and Amanda

Email - vakili.lilly@gmail.com

Spare Field - Not in use - Amanda Parker Amanda is the Founder of The Courage Factory® and Creator of the Alchemy Transformational Leadership Program. Through a unique mix of business and leadership expertise and a deep foundation in energy work and transformational practices, Amanda helps her clients do the deep inner work which allows them to truly lead a business and life they love. Her work focuses on empowering leaders to build practices and behaviors that help them increase their resilience and confidence as a leader. Amanda supports leaders and organizations to thrive in continually changing circumstances - bolstering their business practices to ensure they know how to Lead Virtual (and Hybrid) Teams, Lead Through Change, and instill Transformational Leadership practices in their day-to-day business.

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Mar 4, 2021 @ 03:00 PM (CEST) to
Mar 4, 2021 @ 04:00 PM (CEST)


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