CCA Coaching on Climate – How Can We Do It? – Ethics Reflections

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CCA Coaching on Climate – How Can We Do It? – Ethics Reflections

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One of the questions most frequently held by CCA members is how to raise the topic of climate change with clients. Whilst the climate and ecological crisis affect all of us, everyone relates to the emergency in different ways in their personal and professional lives.

Many of us coaches feel a collective imperative to progress into action and at the same time wrestle with the concern of how to introduce climate/ecology into the coaching space, and how to ensure that it is aligned with the coaching ethics as laid out by the Governing Bodies.

We are bringing to you a series of four sessions with the purpose of exploring the essence of coaching on climate change. Our purpose is to deep dive into the concerns and identify opportunities to co-create resource which we call all use, within our CCA community.

Starting with the fundamental conversation about ethical guidelines, we will invite a collective view and reflection on their objective meaning and our own professional integrity and values.

We will then move on to exploring various ‘doors’ into the topic of climate change in the coaching context, and how we can be more effective with a greater understanding of what resonates with our clients.

Finally, we will challenge ourselves to test these ‘doors’ in our coaching practice and to bring the experiences back into a shared learning space.

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In the first session, on 18th January, we collectively explored ethical dilemmas of bringing climate/ecology into a coaching conversation, the role of personal ethics and values in that context as well as the broader role of coaches as a profession.

We are continuing this conversation on 28th January.

We recognise how important it is to follow the ethical guidelines, work with integrity and be true to your own values. We want to dedicate time and a safe, judgement-free space for you to unpack and explore this topic and any concerns and questions you might be holding. We hope that you will join us!

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We’re using a Coordinated Universal Time to book the events. Please check the timing in your local time-zone. We like using but there is plenty of time-converters available online.

We invite you to come prepared for the conversation. Please read the Ethical Guidelines relevant to your Governing Body as well as the “Global Statement From The Professional Bodies For Coaching, Mentoring & Supervision” outlining a commitment to action on the climate crisis.

Please be aware that all sessions will be recorded.

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