Nature: Healing Power & Restoring Balance. From Loss to Leadership, with Jackie Arnold, Veronica Lysaght, and Andy Miller

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Nature: Healing Power & Restoring Balance. From Loss to Leadership, with Jackie Arnold, Veronica Lysaght, and Andy Miller

Nature: Healing Power & Restoring Balance. From Loss to Leadership, with Jackie Arnold, Veronica Lysaght, and Andy Miller

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Explore your relationship with nature to gain clarity about how you can create the change you want to see in our troubled world. Has nature ever given you direction, helped you figure out how to cope with grief and loss, or be a better leader? We’ll go through a creative process to add clarity and meaning to a past experience when nature taught you something about yourself, healed you, or restored balance. Then we’ll use that experience to shed light on your future journey. This workshop could benefit you if: you seek clarity on your future role as a climate leader; you want to find new and compelling ways of helping clients cope with grief and loss; or if you could use some hope and joy to ward off fear.

We’ll start off with right-brain-aerobics to enable you to dive into your creative subconscious. We’ll then spend 30 minutes reflecting on, writing about, and perhaps even creating some art, reflecting natures role in making us the people we are today. Nature means different things to different people, so our definition is broad. Nature’s teaching can come from devastated landscapes, small city parks, back alleys, parklands, wilderness, the ocean, or a tiny flower growing from a crack in cement or pavement.

We’ll spend the second 30 minutes sharing and reflecting upon our stories of nature’s healing power in small breakout rooms. In the breakout rooms, we’ll explore how nature’s teaching has helped make us the beautiful people we are.

We’ll spend the final 30 minutes exploring what future opportunities await us. We’ll use Neil’s Wheel to examine ways of being, behaving, and what it means to: lead with purpose. enable others, and be self-aware. We’ll explore value systems, role modeling, and listening to the subconscious. We’ll conclude with a visualization exercise to usher into the world something of beauty and meaning!

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Jackie Arnold is a Health and Inclusison Coach, Coach Supervisor, and Coach Trainer Jackie set up Coach 4 Executives in 2001 and has worked as a cross cultural expert & leadership coach for a wide variety of organisations in both the public and private sectors. She has travelled widely in Europe and the Far East setting up international coaching programmes and introducing cross cultural training for senior staff. Jackie is a Cancer Coach Supervisor and Support Coach for those impacted by cancer at the NHS Fountain Centre. She is the author of five books on public speaking and leadership coaching. Key coaching themes: Leadership behaviours, cross cultural leadership coaching, team leadership, communicating cross-culturally, clarity and understanding in the workplace, advanced presentation, delegation and effective management, change management, crisis management, conflict resolution. HOW I SUPPORT The cross-cultural coaching & health mentoring I provide equips you to: ? Improve cross-cultural communication through improved understanding of cultural diversity & biases ? Create strong relationships, reduce stress & overwhelm ? Manage conflict, communication & engagement within teams ? Empower others using Strength Scope facilitation ? Effectively delegate & understand how to develop people from different cultures & backgrounds ? Improve your leadership skills & behaviours ? Increase awareness, mindfulness & emotional intelligence through NLP & EI strategies ? Manage the boss, improve strategic and effective planning through Strength Scoping ? Give presentations that stand out & resonate ? Lead engaging meetings, speak to boards with ease ? Receive specific skills and strategies to enhance workplace health & wellbeing. PROOF 2018- 2019 Selected by The RH Sir Eric Pickles for the prestigious Parliamentary Review Presentation on Leadership Innovation. Selected as “Jackie’s breadth of knowledge of leadership & coaching was clear, to the benefit of coach, client & organisation alike." Peter Day, Southern Housing Group “Jackie’s approach is to fully support the SPIRIT Leadership Coaching Programme. I highly recommend her. Caroline Bryant, L&D  

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Spare Field - Not in use - Veronica Lysaght Founder, leadership coach, team coach and speaker at Leading with Humanity, Leading with humanity offers a programme, mastermind group, individual and team coaching At the heart of who I am is energy to transform – be that an organisation, a system or process, a team, or a person looking for a new way to be in the world. I believe in empowering people and organisations to grow and develop. ? I’m a principled leader who builds a motivated and high-performing team, whether I’m a member of the team or their team coach. ? Veronica is an experienced and certified coach with extensive international management experience. She has a unique commercial, political and media background, including serving as a Press Secretary to a Government Minister. She’s most proud of creating a biography service for people who are dying that led to a movement in the hospice sector; whenever she can find a practical way to build community and improve society, she will engage people to make it happen.

Spare Field - Not in use - Andy Miller is a grief-stricken climate scientist turned happy climate coach. He spent a quarter century as the lead scientist for Canada's largest membership-based environmental organization. He spent 20 years coaching Aboriginal/Indigenous youth entrepreneurs. He specializes in coaching the parents of youth climate activists to strenghten and build relationships, create trust, and avoid burnout. He also works with small business to cut carbon and implement eco marketing strategies. Andy founded and Helping Business Ensure Their Future. Helping Parents Make Sure There IS a Future. As a parent, I struggled with complex emotions while parenting a child through crises that pale in comparison to climate. My child traces their first memory to a media shoot, at age 2, sitting under the worlds oldest Fir tree, in a First Nations Tribal Park, slated for clearcut logging. Even as a climate-focused scientist, who had a kid with amazing exposure to issues, it was terribly difficult for us to cope with overwhelm and grief. Today, I see the challenges my kid’s peer group faces with the climate crisis and their sense of loss. I use this as a portal to help parents develop skills to be in better relationship with self, kids, loved ones, and the world. Happily, the solution to our inner climate woes is simple: Talk About It in skillfully guided reflection to regain agency and purpose, connect to self, get embodied, into your heart, enabling action. And that’s exactly what I do: guided “brave space” conversations at the intersection of you, your family, the planet, and humanity. You’ll laugh and cry. You’ll reach highs and lows. You’ll have light-bulb moments. Once we learn to be in better relationship with ourselves, our feelings, emotions, and beliefs, we get better at aligning our values with our actions, find our community, and become integral in the lives of others. Climate Earth Coaching works simply and beautifully, enabling clients to reach peace amidst the chaos of the world


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Mar 4, 2021 @ 12:00 PM (PDT) to
Mar 4, 2021 @ 01:30 PM (PDT)


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