Gratitude on Country into the Sovereign Self as Earth Custodians

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Gratitude on Country into the Sovereign Self as Earth Custodians

Gratitude on Country into the Sovereign Self as Earth Custodians

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Strength in the Sovereign Self – Connecting to Country

 “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi is often credited with saying this. But little do people know, Gandhi actually didn’t say this at all! Gandhi said, “We but mirror the world.”

I recently embarked on writing my first book – “Gratitude on Country; a cry for a simpler life”

To quote Kaurna Aboriginal Elder’ Uncle Lewis Yarlupurka O’Brien who I am grateful for his time with my manuscript, and our talks and yarning about – Muka-Muka – ‘to mirror what we see’ and emerge into an ecological literacy world. When we understand First People and language we begin to appreciate ‘country’ and the value of connecting to country. 

How we see, feel, and listen to Earth and all she is; Craig will share his walk in the two worlds inspiring people to see the wisdom in sovereign systems, and structures and finding deep adaptation into the rhythm of the earth for business, family, and people to move into more virtues – Gratitude of Country.

Exploring Australia’s call for a Referendum and voice to the Federal Parliament of Australia, with much political uncertainty about what will this voice mean in the Governments constitution. How does Climate Coaching and a country that is seen as the Heart of our mother- Earth? Understanding Sovereignty of Earth and the Sovereign Self – a Country that is breaking into a new identity as a Sovereign Nation. The world needs this story to unfold for which Craig will begin to explore this over the 90-minute workshop.

Three Key learning outcomes from the Presentation :

  • Redefining economics and seeking the middle way in how to live on earth.

  • Exploring the concept of an Avatar for sovereign people in how we draw closer relationships between western values and first people/values.

  • Simplicity and utilising sovereign thinking for universal consciousness to strengthen yourself.

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Craig has worked in government, not-for-profit, and private business, overseeing a range of community services and facilities over 25+years. This has involved leading community & Business teams to nurture a holistic & healthy view in the world we live in.

Craig’s passion include well-being, personal development, a regular yoga/meditation practice, equality & an understanding of the business world, with a vision to inspire people to take a holistic and well-being view of the world and align with the rhythm of nature.

Craig facilitates and consults Wellness in the workplace programs and Cultivating Wisdom workshops for Men across the Country.

Living Well - consults and coaches a number of local, national and international business/groups in the fields of sustainable homes and building construction, agriculture business services, hospitality and solar businesses.

‘Living Well’ was founded in 2018 with a passion in building ‘wellness across Country’. How we live on country, trade and care for people and place will contribute to a better world for all of us.

Living Well has a focus in consulting and coaching clean and green trade on Country.

Craig is currently a Director of a sustainable building and consulting business - and a contributing partner of the ‘Wellbeing Initiative’ - working for a number of Community organisations providing consulting in the ‘Wellness in the Workplace space.

Craig lives in Adelaide, South Australia in Aldinga Beach, 40 minutes south of the city centre nestled in the Aldinga Conservation Park (The Scrub).

‘Gratitude on Country’ project is building awareness of wellness, healing and a collective shared vision for a better world for the next generation. The duality concept of collective gratitude and stewardship of country and home.

Craig is currently enrolled at Schumacher College, Plymouth University undertaking Post-Graduate/Doctorate studies (named after E.F Schumacher). Craig holds a Bachelor of Business at the University of South Australia; Graduate Diploma in Natural Resources Management from Adelaide University and yoga and meditation qualifications.

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Mar 7, 2023 @ 01:00 AM (BST) to
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