How to Become a Resilient and Confident Female Leader for Climate Change?

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How to Become a Resilient and Confident Female Leader for Climate Change?

How to Become a Resilient and Confident Female Leader for Climate Change?

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Are you enthusiastic about enriching the lives of many? Are you willing to contribute to the solutions to climate change – a threat to our future-? Then this call is for you!

This call is about changing the numbers: 136 30 13 What does all that mean?

•136 years to close the gender gap not only a pressing moral and social issue but also a critical for economic growth such as adding $12 trillion to global

•30% of all leaders globally are female, outlining an imbalance in terms of the unique skills and expertise that women can bring

•13% of negotiators for peace are women, underlying a significant gap in diversity, inclusion, and lack of fully effective conflict management Even though:

• across 130 countries, women in government positions were more likely to sign on to international treaties to reduce global warming than men.

• women adopt innovative and preventative measures at a faster rate than men

• where women have higher social and political status, their countries have 12% lower CO2 emissions  Are we expecting these figures to change soon in a positive direction? Unfortunately, no.

Actually, a perfect storm is on our door. 1:2 women feel more stressed, 1:2 women feel less confident compared to the times before the pandemic. We also know from the research that women have higher levels of inner critics compared to men. All these can be called as a `perfect storm`. We may ask ourselves also the question `How females can become resilient and confident leaders for climate change and sustainably? Now let`s talk about `How` Ready?”

In this interactive workshop, We will explore:

1- How to become a resilient and confident leader?: G.P.S. system to navigate on the way forward

2- Your mindset is your lighthouse to create the impact for climate change.

Why? We will co-design:

1-Your personal strategic road map to becoming resilient and confident leaders for climate change and sustainability. Participants will leave the session with a clear mind and action plan about how to become the leader they want to become for climate change and sustainability.

Format: 20% Theory, 70% interactive group work, 10% Q&A

Requirements for the workshop: Strong will to create an impact for a greener, healthier, fairer, and sustainable world, along with a curious and open mind.

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Dr. Cinar is an internationally accredited coach (EQA Awarded, the European Mentoring and Coaching Council), researcher, and trainer. She is a TEDX organizer and speaker for Female and Confident Leadership for Sustainability. Dr. Cinar pioneers in the field of evidence-based coaching and leadership to have a profound impact to `build a greener, healthier, fairer, and sustainable world` through unlocking and maximizing full potential of professionals. Dr. Cinar is experienced at professional one to one coaching (over 950 hours), coaching training (over 430 hours), coaching/mentoring supervision (over 85 hours), professional training inclusive of leadership development (over 800 hours). Dr. Cinar is the winner of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council International Coaching Award (2016), 100 Best Global Coaching Leaders Award, 50 Outstanding Women in Healthcare Management–2016. She is also the winner of L’OREAL UNESCO Women in Science award.

She is a TEDX co-host and speaker to empower female professionals with the right mindsets and skills to become confident and resilient leaders so that they can create the global impact they want for sustainability, in particular for climate change. Dr Cinar has successfully designed, executed, and evaluated the full lifecycle of international/national multidisciplinary pioneer coaching projects, focusing on resilient leadership, in cross-cultural working environments including key stakeholder and vendor management, over the last 12 years. Dr Cinar has transferred the expertise and knowledge derived from these projects to design and deliver innovative and tailored resilient leadership learning and development programmes and talks.

Dr. Cinar has a unique approach for resilient female leadership for sustainability and she creates self-awareness on the intrinsic motivation, followed by mental fitness to accelerate the UN Sustainability Goals. In 2021 UN has highlighted the urgent need for integrating principles of behavioural sciences to every SDG action, and that has been the missing piece over the years. Dr. Cinar brings `How to Do that` during her talks and she shares the evidence-based and success proven methodology.

She engages with the audience through the practical practices from the methodology. Dr.Cinar advocates the holistic climate actions that speak for the synergistic interaction between mental wellbeing (SDG3), gender equality (SDG5), economic growth SDG (8), and SDG 13-climate change through SDG17. Dr.Cinar loves to be in nature and she meditates everyday to start the day with a calm and energized mindset.

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Mar 9, 2023 @ 07:00 PM (GMT) to
Mar 9, 2023 @ 08:30 PM (GMT)


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