Global citizens – moving from ego to eco

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Global citizens – moving from ego to eco

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A lively discussion around the following topics:

How do we create a new culture; a culture where climate awareness is the norm? Where is the tipping point where this culture becomes the norm?

Major changes have historically been aligned with disruptive technology of some sort, think the printing press. What do we need to be ready for the mindset shift?

Coaching as a profession is about shifting mindsets, building confidence and creativity. How can we support the inventors of this future disruptive technology, and humanity to receive it well when it arrives? What can we as coaches do to ensure we show up at our best to support this critical shift?

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Event Timezone Is - Netherlands

Registration Deadline - Jun 2, 2023

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Camilla Degerth: With a lifetime of living between cultures; as a cross-culture kid, studying, raising a family and working across three continents I consolidated my life experiences and now work location independently as an accredited (ICF - PCC) coach in cross-cultural leadership. As a member of CCA since 2020 I have explored facilitation and systemic coaching of individuals, teams and groups on topics such as climate change. Connection with nature is essential for my well being, and also something integrated in my professional identity.

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Islam Kafi: Born and raised in Toronto, to hard working parents who chose to make Canada their home, I was fortunate enough to be raised during a time where diversity was celebrated and I always felt like I belonged. Life has since led me to live in 3 different countries and I have been living with my family in Saudi Arabia for the past 14 years. As a PCC coach who works closely with other expats, I now find myself raising 2 third culture teens who, like the people I coach, are looking for their own way to “belong.” I truly believe that the concept of embracing a “Global Citizen” identity, not only unites us, but gives people like us a true sense of connection and belonging.

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Paul Harding: Having shed the shackles of a career working for large corporations as an Organisation Development specialist, I now spend my time learning Greek, writing film scripts and focusing on the climate emergency. I have lived in the UK, the US and Greece and have had the good fortune to experience many different cultures. My academic interests run to Generational Cycles (Strauss and Howe), Deep Ecology (Dan Wahl, Joanna Macy, Stan Rowe), Systems Thinking (Fritjof Capra), psychology (Jungian), and am trained in the Insights psychometric. All of which I hope to apply in some shape or form to tackling the climate emergency.

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May 25, 2022 @ 01:00 PM (CEST) to
May 25, 2022 @ 02:00 PM (CEST)


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