Speaking as Nature: Animating a Circle of All Nations Approach in Coaching Practice

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Speaking as Nature: Animating a Circle of All Nations Approach in Coaching Practice

Speaking as Nature: Animating a Circle of All Nations Approach in Coaching Practice

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A collaboration of 3 women, 3 continents of origin, across a global coaching community: How is this so? It is our realisation that we are one with nature and that our knowledge of and respect for Indigenous traditions and wisdom in the world will help us to navigate our pathways and those of all those who we work with at this critical time in our planet’s history.

This event, taking the form of a Sacred Fire Circle, will be a chance to share our own experiences and discuss how Romola has come to be dedicating her life to upholding the legacy of Indigenous Elder William Commanda and sharing his teachings with others around the world. The Circle of All Nations is a global eco-community linked by Indigenous Elder Commanda’s unshakeable conviction that in a very fundamental way, as children of Mother Earth, we all belong together, irrespective of colour, creed or culture.

This event will be held on the Zoom platform and is open to all and will be especially relevant to coaches, faciltiators, councillors, therapists and any of the helping and enabling professions anywhere in the world. You may already have some knowledge of Indigenous traditions and wisdom or not. Janet and Lydia are coaches and Romola has an extensive background in counselling and Indigenous studies. We invite you to learn and share with us about your relationship with Mother Earth and with each other across the world.

This will include an informal fireside chat which will explore questions about all of our work and experiences around nature, Indigenous traditions and wisdom. The exploration will also include how we respect, learn and share in a way which builds deep trusted relationships between people and nature and within and across cultures, by starting with self-reflection and direct connection with Mother Earth. The event will include some suggested ways of framing conversations which can be used in coaching work and invitation to participants to share in small group discussions.

How do we frame our coaching conversations? How does Circle show up in our life? How does our own culture and use of language underpin how we ask questions and relate to our clients? Can we build on examples from the framing and language used by Indigenous cultures, especially in relation to racial harmony and a deep and close relationship with nature? These are some of the topics we will be exploring!

By registering, you have provided permission to: 1)  have this event will be recorded in order for it to be shared afterwards; and 2)  to use your e-mail for the purposes of receiving tools and insights discussed, connection with CCA local communities and links to videos.

You can already get a taste of what we will be covering in the session, by watching this amazing video : Circle of All Nations Reflection on Indigenous Elder William Commanda Perspectives on Climate Change and Environment.

We welcome to our collaboration a dynamo female coach who is responsible for our zoom back office without whom we could not hold this session!

Dr. Paola Fiore is a sustainability management and communications specialist, sustainability professional coach (www.paolafiore.com) and climate change advocate (www.paolafiore.eu). Paola partners with corporate and non-profit management to create a culture of sustainability (www.eticambiente.com), put responsible leadership principles into practice, and find the right balance between economic, social, environmental and climate policies to drive innovative, sustainable business prosperity, increase profits and enhance brand reputation. She empowers old and new generations of innovators and leaders by helping them to define their vision, strategies and goals, as well as to refine their accountability and decision-making process and lead personal and organisational change towards sustainability and climate resilience.

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Janet Mrenica (Ottawa, ON Canada) is an Integral Professional Coach, member of International Coaching Federation, a Fellow Chartered Professional Accountant and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (UK). She is multi-lingual, is a convenor of the CCA-Canada local community and  volunteers as a facilitator with Neil's Wheel (www.neilswheel.org). Her career and relationships with community have seen her on missions and undertaking audits in various parts of the world.. Coaching has been a side-hustle gaining prominence in her life. She is a federal Executive public servant (Canada) and is on assignment externally through the Interchange Canada program. Foremost, she is a grandmother, mother, sister and heart-felt kin with nature and her beings.

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Lydia Stevens (London, UK) is an executive coach with a background in leadership, entrepreneurship and sustainability. She has been a member of the CCA since its inception. She brings her love of nature into her coaching practice. Lydia’s Masters in Rural Development from Mexico brought her an understanding of Indigenous cultures and how seamlessly integrated they are to nature. Social issues, gender and equity are integral to Lydia's values and formed a main part of her focus as a consultant. She is multi-lingual and has worked in many countries with a variety of private, governmental and voluntary organisations. She is a mother, wife, step-grandmother and businesswoman.

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Romola V. Thumbadoo, PhD (Ottawa, ON Canada) (Thesis https://curve.carleton.ca/aa4e3cbb-5b83-464d-8286-a901fcd77b06),is a postdoctoral researcher in digital mapping and storytelling, writer, former federal criminal justice system worker in Canada, writer. She is is also the volunteer coordinator of the Circle of All Nations (www.circleofallnations.ca and https://www.facebook.com/circleofallnations). Neither an organization nor formal network, this global eco-community aligns around North American Indigenous Elder William Commanda’s unshakeable conviction that as children of Mother Earth, we all belong together, irrespective of colour, creed or culture, and must affirm respect, responsibility and reverence for this penultimate mother. Circle of All Nations presents ideas and strategies to animate a regeneration of relationship with an evolving GAIA in world shifting like quicksand. She is passionate about bridge building beyond time and space boundaries, and animating networks of cocreation and hope!

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Mar 4, 2021 @ 07:00 AM (EST) to
Mar 4, 2021 @ 08:30 AM (EST)

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