The Art of Conscious Influence for Change Agents

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The Art of Conscious Influence for Change Agents

The Art of Conscious Influence for Change Agents

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The Art of Conscious Influence for Change Agents As coaches, we are in a position to change how leaders think and act. We get to hold space for personal transformation that shifts worldviews. How do we maximize our capacity to shift worldviews, mindsets, and beliefs? We do it through influence.

As conscious influencers, we have a deeper ripple impact from the inside out.

This powerful workshop is designed to align and activate coaches and change agents, aiming to reboot our world naturally, with their innate power to influence, negotiate and captivate in a way that feels authentic and good through power versus force. To influence we must activate our power.

In this workshop, Stephanie combines a methodology called Conscious Influence with tools for expanding perception, activating power, and shifting worldviews to creatively take attendees on a journey that unlocks their emotional, energetic, and tactical powers of influence. Embodying confidence and influential presence, building credibility, leading conscious conversations, and activating a mindset of certainty will leave participants solidly empowered in the art of conscious influence.

This is how you ripple your impact no matter how polarizing or contentious the issue on the table. The art of conscious influence also supports coaches in growing their business, career growth, holding abundance, creating prosperity, closing deals, and communicating with gravitas. 

In this workshop participants learn: 

  • How to transmute resistance and build confidence to say what needs to be said as coaches holding space for a more connected nature-conscious world 
  • How to use your powers of Conscious Influence to create change from the inside out 
  • How to discern and face inner conflicts holding you back from speaking your truth 
  • How to communicate with power vs force 
  • Why activating higher frequencies in ourselves and others is the most accelerated path to a thriving and sustainable world 
  • Why conscious influence is a tool to help anyone unlock their purpose

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Stephanie Trager is a futurist, coach, business architect, eco and human rights investigator, advocate for evolutionary consciousness, peak wellness, soul mastery, living systems and activating future human potential. She’s a former practicing attorney, founder of Intentional Paradigms, evolutionary coach, medicine woman and guide who brings a dynamic style combining 30+ years of off the beaten path experience and an eclectic mix of training and education.

Stephanie uses the power of her captivating story to inspire, teach and motivate, delivering compelling and relatable presentations and keynotes for the impact investing eco-system, for leadership retreats, companies, conferences, meetings, and online and offline events. She serves as a guest on panels and is an intuitive thoughtful moderator. Stephanie has delivered hundreds of workshops, led retreats, and can adopt her speaking style and content to meet your venue and audience needs.

Her perspectives are timely and bound to engage your audience and inspire action. A seven year stint in corporate litigation at Davis Polk provided good intel for her windy story. Stephanie was founding member of a corporate sustainability law firm and law school in the 1990’s. She helped preserve the last remaining ancient stands of unprotected Redwood forests, was a treesitter, grassroots organizer, and learned that trees speak and they cry sap.

She learned to hone telepathy and influence from being chased by bears and men with chainsaws plus many close encounters with mountain lions. Stephanie has authored articles on the Human Right to a Clean Environment, was Chair of the ABA Environmental Justice Committee, inspired and helped form the first trial monitoring committee in the US to thwart judicial corruption, is a board member of Dream Change, worked on Holocaust Reparations initiatives, Indigenous Land Repatriation projects, and has been immersed in the impact investing space helping catalysts tap into higher purpose and deploy their capital in alignment with not only their values but our collective highest potential. Author and host of Catalyst Talks Podcast, Stephanie is currently studying, speaking and writing on ‘Living Systems and What Ancient Forests Have to Teach Us About Our Future Potential.”

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Mar 8, 2023 @ 05:00 PM (BST) to
Mar 8, 2023 @ 07:30 PM (BST)


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