Release, Rebalance, Renew: How can you learn to naturally “shake off” tension & stress?

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Release, Rebalance, Renew: How can you learn to naturally “shake off” tension & stress?

Release, Rebalance, Renew: How can you learn to naturally “shake off” tension & stress?

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Are you feeling tense, stressed and anxious with the uncertainty and worries of our current pandemic and climate crisis?

What if your body has a natural way to release muscular tension and stress and restore resilience?

As coaches you will know that stress is a normal, everyday, physiological reaction in the body. It’s a part of a healthy nervous system, a mobilising force, vital for our ongoing motivation, safety and survival. However, if we stay overly -stressed for too long, the resultant physiology will have a negative effect on our physical, mental & emotional wellbeing.  Many opinion- leaders now recognise that stress is stored in the body and that we need to focus our interventions on the connectedness of body and mind.

This session will introduce you to TRE® – Tension, Stress, and Trauma Release Exercises.
TRE is a natural self -care technique, developed by David Berceli PhD, a body worker and therapist working in war-torn countries. He observed that our bodies naturally want to tremor after a shock. All mammals have this innate ability to shake off tension and return to normal after a threat. The difference is, as humans have supressed this natural discharge mechanism. We view it as a symptom that something’s wrong or a sign of weakness, but in doing so we inhibit the very mechanism that can keep us healthy and balanced.

In this safe, interactive session you’ll gain a basic understanding of TRE as a physiological, non- invasive, self -care technique. We will explain how practising TRE helps you harness the body’s innate ability to release tension, rebalance and build resilience. Used as a regular practice, TRE can help you become more present, relieve anxiety, pain and stiffness, bringing flow, aliveness and clarity to your body and mind.

As in coaching, TRE requires us to be present, in the moment, without judgment, and maintain trust and safety. Once learnt, you can do TRE in as little as 10 minutes with minimal physical effort, using it as a self-care practise for the rest of your life.

TRE can help us shape our own nervous system. It involves learning to let the body lead and let the mind release being in constant control. Sometimes we forget to connect with ourselves, get stuck in thinking or doing mode, rather than tuning into our bodies and just being present to the messages the body is sending.

Join us to explore ways to find calm amongst the chaos and to discover how TRE supports well-being and functioning on so many levels. At the end of this session we hope you will be curious to explore TRE further, either as a restorative practice for yourself, or for your clients.

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Gill Stansfield Healthcare communications facilitator and trainer; TRE® (Tension, Trauma & Stress Release Exercise) & Pilates Practitioner.  I have spent and loved my career in helping people to manage their health, wellness & fitness challenges.  In the last 15 years this has focused on providing an enjoyable, safe, nurturing environment to support them improve their confidence and ability to move better and feel better. I now specifically work with people with muscle & joint problems, pain, injury or illness recovery, acute & chronic health conditions, mental health well-being, tension, stress & anxiety, women’s health & life’s’ ongoing changes. You will find the reassurance of a compassionate Practitioner with a clinical background (nursing degree); post- grad studies and over 25 years’ success in training, communications, facilitation and coaching in an international healthcare environment; a teacher of Pilates matwork and equipment since 2005; and a certified TRE® Provider with TRE for All. A personal journey, of managing numerous challenging life events, including an inherited musculo- skeletal condition, informs and contributes to my empathetic and confidence -building approach. Pilates and TRE have been a game- changer in helping me to move better & feel better. Having worked in large healthcare organisations, I am also familiar with the need to manage ongoing stressful change and build resilience, to help colleagues be their best selves at home and work, and create thriving teams who continue to collaborate to succeed. In my leisure time you will usually find me outdoors experiencing the wonders of our natural environment by foot or bicycle. I also use a bicycle to maintain my fitness as well as a means of sustainable transport. I am a member of Cycling UK, a charity who campaign for better facilities to make cycling safer and more accessible, and a cycle ride  leader for them.  I have lived and worked overseas, which fuelled a love of language. I also enjoy dancing and photography.

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Derryn Snowdon • Derryn loves exploring, is curious and has a thirst for learning. The last 10 years she has been involved in Life coaching for well-being, and to improve her services for her clients has studied bio-resonance therapy for quitting cravings and addictions, HSE to release the blocked energy of emotions in the body, Belief Closet Process a visualisation process to remove limiting beliefs and plant empowering ones in their place. Most recently her quest for natural solutions to our issues led her to study TRE for All® for natural tension and trauma release. • Her earlier career was in adult education (TEFL) and teacher training, She lived and worked abroad for almost 30 years before returning to the UK in 2014. She ran a preschool for her sons for 6 years and set up and ran a dual language programme for teacher and staff at their school for 7 years. • Derryn loves nature and being outdoors; has studied TM (Transendental Meditation, computing and languages. Her hobbies are sports, healthy cooking and water marbling art. She is divorced and the mother of 3 gorgeous sons in their 20s.

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