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However, submissions for the Fringe Festival have now closed.


You’re invited to host a session wherever you are in the world. The focus is that anyone who uses coaching principles in their work will find these sessions practical and empowering. This includes coaches, coaching psychologists, facilitators, supervisors, OD practitioners and more.

As a guide:

  • We encourage representation of global pods and/or individuals.
  • We welcome emerging subjects or special interest items.
  • We welcome all topics relevant to our CCA Purpose and Festival Theme of “building confidence and capability of coaches to enable climate action“.
  • We are keen to create a Global Festival that embodies diversity and inclusivity by offering events in different languages.
  • You might find it useful to refer to the eco-phase cycle diagram and information below for inspiration. You can nominate one or more of these cycles as part of your Fringe Submission.

Based on the following, submit your ideas using the form below:

  • Create an outline of the session you want to host or co-host.
  • If accepted, you will be offered options of dates and time slots in different time zones across the Fringe. To help us develop an effective program, please tell us what country your session will be broadcast from, so we understand your time zone. Also, you can nominate a preferred date and time or, if you’re flexible, simply leave these fields empty.
  • If your session is being developed in a language other than English, please indicate if you need us to provide a translation. 
  • All sessions will use the CCA Zoom account.
  • To ensure consistency in the look and feel of all sessions, we will use CCA Global Festival branding (colors and images etc.). So, we only need you to provide a profile picture of the presenters / hosts for social media engagement.
  • All sessions will be recorded and will be uploaded on the CCA website to maximize learning opportunities for our members and coaches. Please indicate if you prefer not to have your session recorded.
  • If you would like to discuss an idea you have, please email
  • Please submit your initial idea(s) as soon as possible, and by no later than 28th of January 2023.

We will review all submissions by the beginning of February and will come back to you with any questions or suggestions we have in terms of the wider Fringe Festival. Once your session is confirmed, we’ll put you in touch with our social media pod and volunteer support team.

Fringe Submission Form

The Eco-Phase Cycle

We work with the Eco-Phase Cycle, which is based on Dr Peter Hawkins’ model from eco-curious to eco-active. We encourage coaches to identify their own place in this cycle and ask them what phase their coaching sessions help their clients explore.