March - May, 2024

Community Festival - Program

As the equinox marks a moment of balance and equality, March brings the Community Festival.

Centered around the theme of Community, this pulse aims to strengthen and leverage our global community’s collective knowledge, wisdom, energy, and enthusiasm. This is a space for sharing ideas, tools, and approaches, empowering climate coaches to accelerate climate action worldwide. 

Expect engaging keynotes featuring indigenous leaders, thought pioneers, and activists. Furthermore, this season will showcase the activities and actions of our diverse communities and pods, emphasizing inclusion and diversity. It also sees the launch of the CCA Book Circles initiative.

Below you’ll find a listing of events that make up the Community Festival Program. These will be added progressively as they’re finalised.
Click each event to see an outline of the presentation and then follow the link to register.

Keep checking back or see the CCA Newsletter for more information.

Watch out for our next Seasonal Heartbeat, our Collaboration Conversations, 
happening during June, July and August, 2024.

Past Events


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