Welcome to the Seedbank

The seedbank is designed to enable us to share nuggets and crystalise what we are all learning within CCA as it pursues its purpose. We want to share  coaching specific learning in the context of climate/ecological crisis coaching, for members and by members.

These resources are free to use for anyone who would like to use them in their life or practice. 

Please enjoy harvesting ideas and resources from the seedbank and we look forward to receiving the resources you will share here in return to nourish and expand what is already here. 

If you have a resource which you’d like to share, please post it here.

When submitting your resource please ensure you acknowledge all of your sources as it is your responsibility to make sure there are no infringements of national and international copyright laws. 

What is a seed? 

A seed can be anything, a book, a tool, a question, webinar. 
And, it can come from anywhere. A different professional field, a coaching conference, a client, a conversation. 

Most importantly, it needs to be shaped and crafted by you, honed into something that you have found useful (intended or unintended consequences), and just a seed, not the entire tree or the entire farm!

How do you create a seed to plant here for others to find and plant in their practice?

We want short, sharp and personal learnings that, as a minimum, answer these questions:
  • Why is this seed/learning important to share with other coaches?
  • What is the seed?
  • What have you done with it?
  • What did you specifically learn; What were the 3 key insights you gained

We would love you to share those things that didn’t work, where it went wrong, and what you learned from that too. 

To submit your seed, please complete this form.

We would like to thank Jaime Blakely-Glover and Gosia Henderson for conceiving the seedbank and Nigel Cumberland for planting the first seed. Many hands and hearts have been involved in then taking that initial concept and birthing this resource for all coaches and non-coaches, everywhere.