June - August, 2024

Collaboration Conversations - Program

Our first two heartbeats focused on connection and community, and enabled our CCA “living system” to thrive and grow. Between June and August, we move on to the 3rd heartbeat for the year – collaboration conversations – with the aim of fostering expanded collaborations and partnerships. This is shifting the focus to the ways we (the CCA as a living system) engage in the wider eco-system and partner externally to amplify and multiply our climate influence, action, and agency. 

This collaboration theme can encompass relationships that any CCA member or CCA Pod either has or can think of and wishes to explore. This can be at the micro local level, the national level, or on the global systemic level. Everyone is welcome to post events/conversations that explore this, and it’s fine if these explorations are emergent. As a starting point, the CCA is delighted to be collaborating in partnership with The Week, by Frederic Laloux .

This seasonal heartbeat is not about “keynote speeches” or “having all the answers“, but about opening ourselves up with curiosity to new conversations, relationships, perspectives and ways of thinking. These lead to fresh external collaborations and partnerships with people, movements, and organisations that have resources complementary to our wonderful CCA system. And, within the CCA, we’re also looking forward to greater inter-community collaboration and cross-pollination, and to stimulating our communities to explore new initiatives and co-creation opportunities. 

Jump onboard with us and enjoy the journey!!

Below you’ll find a listing of events that make up the Collaboration Conversations Program. These will be added progressively as they’re finalised.
Click each event to see an outline of the presentation and then follow the link to register.

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We are delighted to acknowledge and thank our partners in promoting the Seasonal Heartbeats Program