Case study of how climate biodiversity coaching has been applied in Natural England

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Case study of how climate biodiversity coaching has been applied in Natural England

Case study of how climate biodiversity coaching has been applied in Natural England

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This session will be a 90 min interactive session designed to support the Climate Coaching Alliance community with best practice, inspiration, information, awareness and an example of how coaching across an organisation has worked in practice. We will be discussing:

1. Applying coaching approaches to challenging conversations.

2. Building confidence and resilience in dispersed and diverse teams across an organisation for positive impacts in relation to climate and biodiversity.

3. Navigating change in volatile political and climatic environments.

This case study outlines how coaching approaches can encourage a different conversation with farmers and family members.

A key aspect of the systemic approach is including Earth as a stakeholder. Co-coaching across teams has the potential to lead to wider positive impacts for farmers responding to their realities of facing rapid climate fluctuations and need for resilience. How has coaching skills such as listening and reflecting informed a shift in conversations, agreements and contributed to a positive change on the ground? Coaching offers alliances and a safe space to inform new initiatives and build personal and organisational resilience.

Breakout rooms will be used to discuss in small groups exploring what lessons have you taken from this discussion which resonates with your own work?

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Lydia and Jackie are active members of the Climate Coaching Alliance. They are delivering bespoke Climate Biodiversity Courses for organisations such as Natural England. Christy, Dorian and Sarah are at Natural England and recently completed the short-course in climate & biodiversity coaching facilitated by Lydia and Jackie.

Jackie Arnold is an ICF Executive & Health Coach and Member of AC who also holds a CSA Dip in Coaching Supervision. She is an active member of the Climate Coaching Alliance and a Clean Language trainer and facilitator. Jackie is a wife, mother and grandmother who is passionate about preserving the planet for future generations. She is a published author on coaching & coaching supervision “Coaching Skills for Leaders in the Workplace” and “Coaching Supervision at its BEST”.

Lydia Stevens is an executive coach, facilitator, trainer, mother and grand-mother. Her leadership coaching includes climate and biodiversity work, systemic thinking, and bringing what lies beneath the surface into focus. Lydia has worked internationally as a consultant for many years on sustainability and international development. She co-founded Triple line Consulting Ltd.

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Spare Field - Not in use - <strong>Sarah Taylor</strong> is a Senior Specialist Climate Change Adaptation for Natural England. She is a specialist in adaptation for the natural environment, placing nature, our life support system, at the centre of climate action. Sarah works on collating and sharing evidence to generate action on the climate and ecological crisis, both through embedding climate change across Natural England’s work and working with partners and across other sectors. <br><br> Sarah’s work also explores how creative approaches can help engage on the nature and climate emergency and how this interacts with inclusivity, equity and environmental justice. Sarah is a coach and is working on how the coaching approach can help galvanise action and support us.

Spare Field - Not in use - <strong>Christy Barrowclough</strong> is a lead adviser in land management, based in Devon, for Natural England. Working with landowners to manage their land and protected sites for conservation and climate resilience, with on-the-ground experience of the issues landowners are facing as a result of climate change. A mother of two young children, committed to preserving the natural world, living sustainably and sharing the tools needed to join the effort. <br><br> <strong>Dr. Dorian Speakman</strong> has had a lifelong interest in weather and climate and has worked as a researcher in the field as well as in sustainable transport, and in flood risk management. A key interest has been how farming can adapt to extreme weather fluctuations and building climate resilience. Now a Catchment Sensitive Farming Adviser in Yorkshire, for Natural England, he works on advising on addressing issues of water quality as well as looking at potential climate resilience measures. The need to facilitate action, and how Climate change coaching assists in this process, shows it is a critical component on building that resilience.


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Mar 6, 2023 @ 02:00 PM (BST) to
Mar 6, 2023 @ 03:30 PM (BST)


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