November 2024


In November, we kicked off the Seasonal Heartbeats journey with the Connection Celebration, aligning with the coming solstice and a time of rebirth.

Our focus for this season was about Connection and Communication. During the initial pivotal days (19th-22nd November), we introduced the entire concept of the CCA Seasonal Heartbeats, marking the beginning of an exciting journey. Members were able to engage in keynotes, CCA Community events, and interactions hosted by our Community Pods and Members. 

This was the ideal platform to unveil new initiatives, including our innovative Forum, designed to foster Global Conversations within our community. Additionally, this season commemorated CCA’s 4th Anniversary with a celebration centered around Living Systems in Action.

Below you’ll find a listing of events that made up the Connection Celebration Program. Click each event to see an outline of the presentation and, where available, to access a recording.

Watch out for our next Seasonal Heartbeat, our Community Festival, 
happening from the 6th to the 9th of March, 2024.

Past Events


We are delighted to acknowledge and thank our partners in promoting the Seasonal Heartbeats Program