Feel the climate crisis

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Feel the climate crisis

Feel the climate crisis

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Paul J. Crutzen, the Nobel Laureate in Chemistry in 1995, assigned the term ‘Anthropocene’ to the period starting in the late eighteenth century, highlighting James Watt’s design of the steam engine in 1784.

Since then, anthropogenic emissions of carbon dioxide have escalated and caused unnatural global warming. He foretold in 2002, “Unless there is a global catastrophe – a meteorite impact, a world war or a pandemic – mankind will remain a major environmental force for many millennia.” In 2020’s, we are about to experience both and it seems timely and even necessary to wonder if we are facing the beginning of the end of the Anthropocene age.

This workshop aims at providing the participants an opportunity to reflect on our anthropocentric bias on climate crisis from the other species’ view. At the workshop, after short meditation and a brief explanation of the background, participants are to be asked to reflect on what he/she would think if every human was destined to die due to COVIT19 in two weeks.

Questions could be

1) how would you like to spend your remaining two weeks?

2) what do you think are your most valuable things?

Then, participants are to be asked to reflect on how many and which species would mourn for human if they vanished from the planet, expecting that participant could realize human is not fully welcome species on this earth. Finally, participants are to be asked to reflect on how it does feel through the program and how they would like to incorporate their insights into their daily coaching work.

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Akihiko Morita/ Soul Searching Navigator, PCC/ICF, Ph.D/Professor Emeritus. I have engaged in the global campaign for the children's right to healthy environment as explained below. https://ceri-coalition.org/2020/11/24/an-earthquake-tsunami-and-nuclear-disaster/

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Posted By - Akihiko Morita

Email - futurelab.alchemist21@gmail.com

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Mar 31, 2023 @ 01:30 AM (UTC) to
Mar 31, 2023 @ 03:00 AM (UTC)


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