Quid de notre positionnement à l’intérieur de 8 écosystèmes économiques – et si on rebattait les cartes? / Where do we stand within the 8 economic ecosystems? Let’s reshuffle the cards!

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Quid de notre positionnement à l’intérieur de 8 écosystèmes économiques – et si on rebattait les cartes? / Where do we stand within the 8 economic ecosystems? Let’s reshuffle the cards!

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The economy needs to meet societal needs without transgressing the limits of the planet. In this workshop, starting from the 8 interdependent economic ecosystems, we will explore how we position ourselves, what we do concretely and what we could do differently.

  • As a citizen, what are my levers for action today?
  • As a coach, how do I integrate these dimensions into my practice?
  • As a professional, how far can my commitment go around ecological and societal issues?

Our interactive approach around the 8 economic ecosystems playing cards is mainly inspired by the publication:

“A System Change Compass” – Implementing the European Green Deal in a time of recovery – October 2020. Co-authored by Systemiq and The Club of Rome

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Event Timezone Is - France & Belgium CET

Registration Deadline - Feb 7, 2023

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Catherine Grandjean, eco-coach, team coach, facilitator, entrepreneur, transitioner. I am a professional coach in People, Team and Organizational Development, founder of A la lisière - Coaching and I am co-founder of LessForMore, both companies active in people and business transition. I can apply my background built in a large international company along with continuous learning in new economic, environmental and societal systems to make a better leadership experience for my clients. I awakened my Earthling consciousness 2 years ago. I plunged my hands back into the earth, I looked for the meaning of my professional project, I reconnected with who I am. Everyday, I develop myself to become an eco-coach. I invite the planet into the circle of discussion, reflection and decision with my clients, like other stakeholders. I am passionate about living systems, nature and biodiversity, the intelligence of the collective, our capacity of shifting perspectives. I’ve joined the Climate Coaching Alliance community at the end of 2020 finding a supportive network of people with a high level of engagement in transition and climate change.

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Andra Morosi, global executive coach & team coach, accredited coach supervisor. I am a global leadership coach, founder of Paris-based company International Milestones. Holding a triple nationality, multilingual and multicultural through my personal story, upbringing and choices, I am passionate about cultural diversity, complexity of systems and change and work with international organizations, leveraging global and local perspectives, as a dot-connector and an enhancer of collective intelligence. I coach leaders reveal their uniqueness, find meaning and purpose in what they do, inspire others, navigate through uncertainty and thrive. I often draw inspiration from nature and art in my work and marvel at exploring the interconnectedness of complex systems. Sensitive to the climate emergency, I felt a call to action and made a vow to switch from being eco-aware to eco-active by joining the Climate Coaching Alliance early 2020 and founding a CCA France community of climate-sensitive coaches. In December 2020, I left the big city of Paris and moved to a lovely rural area in Normandy to cultivate my garden and live and work in close harmony with nature, hoping to inspire others on this journey.

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Posted By - Catherine Grandjean

Email - catherine@alalisierecoaching.be


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Mar 4, 2021 @ 11:00 AM (CET) to
Mar 4, 2021 @ 12:00 AM (CET)


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